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Orchard mason bees are solitary bees that play an integral role in pollination of our natural environment. When used properly, mason bees may become a sustainable alternative to pollinating residential gardens and commercial crops. Orchard Mason bees or (blue bees) can provide pollination of fruit trees and other food crops that blossom in the spring and summer.

Larger Orchard mason bee populations can help increase your yields with fruit and many other crops. Mason bees are great pollinators because they collect their pollen directly from the stamen of plants. This increases the pollination of those plants mason bees are collecting pollen from. Solitary bees use this pollen as food for the next generation as they find suitable nesting material and place the pollen inside a nesting cavity with a new egg that will develop into a mason bee. About 40 bees at minimum are needed to provide pollination for smaller residential crops. Larger scale orchards could use up to 250 female orchard bees per acre of trees for pollination.

Phragmite reeds are proven to be a far superior choice of nesting material for blue orchard bees (Osmia lignaria) and California mason bees (Osmia californica). This nesting material is a natural wood product that provides a clean and safe cavity for mason bee nesting. The native nesting tubes help reduce mold, fungus, and reduce natural predators from affecting the health of mason bees.

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